What We Do:

PromoAdvantage takes an individualized approach to client relationship management. Each of our client companies are unique, so we tailor our products and services to best fit their needs. We source product from a wide variety of manufacturers and are not confined to industry specific offerings. PromoAdvantage consistently delivers on custom product ideas that provide a strong impact on brand recognition.

PromoAdvantage understands brand management and works closely with our client’s branding and marketing teams to stay current with branding guidelines and direction on brand message. We have control measures in place to ensure that products, colors and imprint methods represent the brand correctly and protect brand integrity.

PromoAdvantage has been designing, building and managing client e-commerce sites for over 17 years. We have developed an e-commerce site discovery worksheet which helps us determine the best site platform for each client. We individualize the look, feel and functionality of each site to match the client’s vision.

PromoAdvantage currently manages several distinct recognition programs for our clients. We take a customized approach to these programs based on company size, budget, and client vision. PromoAdvantage is able to offer a wide variety of quality gift options that include branded products, memberships, and entertainment packages.